April 9th, 2018 (Updated 4/18)

Athletic Physicals - April 23rd, 3:45 PM @ AHS

Student Sports Physical

Athletic physicals, administered by the staff of the Orthopaedic Clinic, will be offered to Auburn City Schools’ students that are currently enrolled in grades 6-12 on Monday, April 23rd from 3:45 PM at the Auburn High School Gym. The physical form can be downloaded below.

  Physical Form

The front page of the physical form must be filled out completely and signed by a parent and the student before the student can be seen by Orthopaedic Clinic’s staff.  Buses will be provided to help transport students after school from Drake, East Samford and Auburn Junior High to Auburn High School. The cost of the physical is $15 cash or checks made payable to Auburn City Schools Athletics. If you have any questions, please call the Athletic Office at 887-0050.

Post-Season Training
Stay in shape during the post-season!  Here are some training opportunities.
Tue: Kagefit* - 6:30-7:30 PM
Wed: Kagefit* - 6:00-7:00 PM
Fri: Kagefit* - 5:30-6:30 PM
  *Kagefit fee: $69/month
Sun: Warrior Wrestling Facility, Calera, AL.  2:00-4:00 PM
           Requires AAU card, approximately $20 + daily facility fee.

Kagefit3613 Pepperell Pkwy, Opelika, AL 36801
Warrior Wrestling Facility: 2469 Highway 31, Calera, AL 35040

Impact Wrestling Club screenshot

Impact Wrestling Club
Wetumpka has recently opened a wrestling club for youth wrestlers (age 5-12) and school age wrestlers (grade 7th-12th). Coach TJ Graham has 10 years of experience coaching in Wetumpka and dedicates himself to getting the most out of every wrestler.  For more details, click on the flyer icon at right or visit their Facebook page.

Summer Varsity/JV Training Schedule

June 4-21, 2018
   Location: AJHS Old Gym (Wrestling Gym)
   Mon: 6:00-7:30 AM
   Tue: 6:00-7:30 AM
   Thu: 6:00-7:30 AM

July 2018
   Location: AJHS Old Gym (Wrestling Gym)
   Tue: 6:00-7:30 AM (weights only)
   Thu: 6:00-7:30 AM (weights only)

2018 Summer Wrestling Camps

Parents, here is a list of upcoming summer camps. Please click on the appropriate links for further information.

Auburn Wrestling Camp
Dates: 06/11-06/13
Location: Auburn Junior High School Fieldhouse “New Gym”
Instructors: Huntingdon College
Age Groups: 7th-12th Grade
Cost: $100 Auburn wrestlers / $125 All others

Appalachian State Wrestling Camps
Location: Boone, NC
HS Division: Dates 6/27-6/30 ($360 resident)
HS & JH/MS Division: Dates 7/10-7/14, 7/15-7/18  ($410 resident)
Intensive Camp: $750 (resident). Dates 7/10-7/18.  Grades 9-12.

Chattanooga Wrestling Camps
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Ages: All
Team Camp 1: $375 (resident), $275 (commuter).  Dates: 06/17-06/20
Team Camp 2:  $375 (resident), $275 (commuter).  Dates: 06/21-06/24
Intensive Camp: $675 (resident).  Dates 6/17-6/23

Edinboro World Class Wrestling Camps
Location: Edinboro, PA
Ages: 8+
Technique Camps: $375. Dates: 6/24-6/27, 7/1-7/4, 7/8-7/11
Takedown and Turn:  $295. Dates: 6/24-6/26, 7/1-7/3, 7/8-7/10

Fighting Illini Wrestling Camps
Location: Champaign, IL
Intensive Camp: $850 (resident). Dates 6/24-7/01. Ages 10-18

Granby School of Wrestling
Dates: 6/04-6/06
Location: Vestavia, AL (closest)
Ages: All
Alabama Commuter Camp: $220.

Iowa Wrestling Camps
Location: Iowa City, IA
Technique: $275 (resident).  Dates 6/24-6/26.  Ages 10-18
Competition: $325 (resident).  Dates 6/26-6/29.  Ages 10-18
Elite Camp: $2000 (must sign up with partner).
                   Dates: 6/26-6/30, 7/10-7/14.  All Ages.
                   * Limited to 20 wrestlers.
Training Camp: $785 (resident). Dates 7/7-7/14.  Ages 10-18.

JRobinson Wrestling Camps
Location: Atlanta, GA (closest)
5-Day Technique Camp - $499 (resident). Dates: 6/17-6/21. Ages 8-18
5-Day Competition Camp - $499 (resident). Dates: 6/22-6/26. Grades 7-12
* Combination Camp - $929 (resident). Dates 6/17-6/26. Grades 7-12

KageFit Camps
Location: Opelika, AL
Wrestling Camp: 6/11-6/15
Wrestling Camp: 7/9-7/13

Kevin Dresser Wrestling Camps
Location: Ames, Iowa
Training Camp: $395. Dates 6/29-6/02.  Ages: All

Missouri Tiger Style Wrestling Camps
Satellite Camp, Centerville, IA: $125, 6/4-6/6
Satellite Camp, Kansas City, MO: $125.  6/5-6/7
Satellite Camp, SE Missouri: $125. 6/5-6/7.  Ages 5-13.
Satellite Camp, MO Youth Camp: $125.  6/12-6/14.  Ages 5-13.
Elite Combo Camp (Columbia, MO): $895, 6/20-6/28.  All Ages.
Tiger Style Team Camp (Columbia, MO): $350, 6/20-6/23. All Ages.
Tiger Style 30 Camp (Columbia, MO): $470. Dates 6/24-6/28.  All Ages.

Northwestern Wrestling Camps
Location: Evanston, IL
Ages: All
Intensive Camp - $600. Dates: 6//28-7/03
Individual Camp - $450. Dates: 6/28-7/02
Competition Camp - $450.  Dates: 6/24-6/27

Ohio State Wrestling Camps
Location: Columbus, OH
Takedown Competition: $400 (resident).  Dates 6/24-6/27, 7/11-7/14. Gr 7-12
Mat Wrestling: $400 (resident). Dates 6/24-6/27. Grades 7-12.
Youth Commuter 3-Day: $200 (commuter).  Dates 6/25-6/27.  Grades K-6.
Intensive Camp: $800 (resident). Dates 06/24-06/30.  Grades 7-12
Technique Camp: $400 (resident).  Dates 6/27-6/30, 7/08-7/11.  Grades 7-12

Oklahoma State’s John Smith Summer Camp
Location: Niskayuna, NY
Dates: 6/27-6/29
Ages: 5th-12th Grade
OSU-NY Summer Camp: $TBD (commuter or resident)

Penn State Wrestling Camp
Location: University Park, PA
Technique Camp I: $515.  6/23-6/26.  Grades 6-12.
Technique Camp I: $515.  6/27-6/30.  Grades 6-12.
Intensive Training Camp I: $890.  6/23-6/30.  Grades 6-12.

Penn State’s Cael Sanderson Summer Camp
Location: Carrollton, GA
Dates: 6/5-6/8
Ages: 5th-12th Grade
Georgia Training Camp: $TBD

Purler Wrestling
Locations: Troy, Missouri
Ages: 8-18
Takedown Machine: $499+process fee.  Dates: 6/09-6/13, 07/06-07/10
Three Position Camp: $499+process fee.  Dates: 06/15-06/19, 07/12-07/16
14-Day Intensive Camp: $1199.  Dates: 06/21-07/04, 07/18-07/31

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