May 14th, 2019

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May 23rd: 2nd Auburn Wrestling Club Meeting

Wrestling Parents,
  Thanks to all who attended our first Auburn Takedown CLUB meeting. We had a great turnout!  The primary purpose of the meeting was to outline initial goals in developing a year-round wrestling organization and facility separate from Auburn City Schools.

Next Auburn Takedown Club Meeting: May 23rd
During our next club meeting we will vote for board members, provide feedback on our current situation/initiatives, and continue discussions on the way ahead.
** Please log your interest by signing up through this 
SignUpGenius link.
** Also 
please consider filling out the online parent volunteer form available at this link.

Date: Thursday, May 23rd
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Chappy’s Deli (back meeting room)

Goals From First Club Meeting

  1. Wrestling facility:  Access at no/low cost, rent, or purchase a building large enough that can fit two full-size regulation mats.  Size requirements suggest a minimum of 3,500 sq. ft with an ideal size of 5,000 sq. ft.  Attempts to date in finding a suitable space were presented with the results being a single potential location at 811 Geneva St, Opelika (a large red structure across from El Rodeo restaurant).  The owner, Mr. Kent Hayley, stated he would be willing to rent out the space for approximately $30/member per month, a reasonable fee.  However, the facility is currently being utilized by local youth basketball and volleyball clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays… a severely limiting factor.  In discussions that followed, a number of alternative ideas were presented which included (in order of preference/possibility) contacting local churches or organizations which have unused space available at no/low cost, searching for a vacant building to rent/lease, or purchasing land and constructing a stand-alone facility.  We need volunteers to form a committee to continue searching for a suitable space.
  2. Fundraising: The cost for two mats averages around $10K-$12K per mat… or a total of $20K-$24K. We are looking for creative methods and means to this end through direct solicitations and/or fundraising events.  Raising funds directly is a difficult proposition as numerous studies confirm that most people struggle in directly asking businesses or organizations for support.  However according to, the JFSmith Group, a professional fundraising firm located in Auburn, personal contact is the best and most efficient method for soliciting sponsorships and accumulating working capital.  Fundraising events include setting up a local 5K race which can raise, in a 2-hour period, $2,000 or more depending on the number of entrants.
  3. Parental Involvement: YOU are the key to a successful club!  We are in need of parents to assume responsibility for all the club’s efforts. If you are interested in volunteering, please consider filling out the online parent volunteer form available at this link or on the Auburn Takedown website.  Specifically we need a Board of Directors consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  We also need committee chairs for facility exploration, fundraising, equipment management, clothing/gear, media relations, membership, and parent participation.  Finally, if you have been or know of a former wrestler/wrestling coach, are a member of a company or corporation that could be potential sponsors, or have a special skill, trade, or talent that you can donate, there are fields on the form that can be used to list that information.

2019 Summer Wrestling Camps

Parents, here is a list of upcoming summer camps. Please click on the appropriate links for further information.

Regional / National Camps

Appalachian State Wrestling Camps
Location: Boone, NC
HS Division: Dates 6/27-6/30, 7/15-7/18 ($365 resident)
HS & JH/MS Division: Dates 7/10-7/14  ($415 resident)
Intensive Camp: $755 (resident). Dates 7/10-7/18.  HS only.
Specialized Camp: $405 (resident). Dates 7/06-7/09.  Ages 15 and older.

Chattanooga Wrestling Camps
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Ages: All
Intensive Camp: $725 (resident).  Dates 7/07-7/12

Fighting Illini Wrestling Camps
Location: Champaign, IL
Intensive Camp: $850 (resident). Dates 6/23-6/30. Ages 10-18

Granby School of Wrestling
Dates: 6/03-6/05
Location: Vestavia, AL (closest)
Ages: All
Alabama Commuter Camp: $240.

Iowa Wrestling Camps
Location: Iowa City, IA
Technique: $275 (resident).  Dates 6/23-6/25.  Ages 10-18
Competition: $325 (resident).  Dates 6/25-6/28.  Ages 10-18
Elite Camp: $2000 (must sign up with partner).
                   Dates: 6/23-6/27  All Ages.
                   * Limited to 20 wrestlers.
Training Camp: $785 (resident). Dates 7/6-7/13.  Ages 10-18.

JRobinson Wrestling Camps
Location: Atlanta, GA (closest)
5-Day Technique Camp - $499 (resident). Dates: 6/16-6/20. Ages 8-18
5-Day Competition Camp - $499 (resident). Dates: 6/21-6/25. Grades 7-12
* Combination Camp - $929 (resident). Dates 6/16-6/25. Grades 7-12

Kevin Dresser Wrestling Camps
Location: Ames, Iowa
Technique Camp: $350 (resident). Dates 7/07-7/10. Ages 12 and above
Training Camp: $650 (resident). Dates 7/07-7/12.  Ages: 12 and above

Missouri Tiger Style Wrestling Camps
Satellite Camp, South Kansas City,, KS: $125, 6/3-6/5
Satellite Camp, North Kansas City, MO: $125.  6/4-6/6
Satellite Camp, Central Kansas City, MO: $125. 6/5-6/7
Tiger Style SEMO Camp, Jackson, MO: $125. 6/9-6/11
Tiger Style Youth Camp, Columbia, MO: $120. Dates 6/18-6/20.  Ages 5-13

Northwestern Wrestling Camps
Location: Evanston, IL
Ages: All
Technique Camp - $475, 6/23-6/26
Intensive Camp - $625,  6//23-6/27

Ohio State Wrestling Camps
Location: Columbus, OH
Takedown Camp: $425 (resident).  6/16-6/19, 7/10-7/13. Gr 7-12
Intensive Camp: $850 (resident). 6/16-6/22, 7/07-7/13. Grades 7-12
Mat Wrestling: $425 (resident). 6/19-6/22. Grades 7-12.
Youth 3-Day: $225 (commuter).  6/17-6/21, 7/8-7/12.  Grades K-7.
Father/Son Camp: $395 (resident).  6/21-6-23, 7/12-7/14. Grades K-6

Oklahoma State’s John Smith Summer Camp
Location: Niskayuna, NY
Dates: 6/30-7/02
OSU-NY Summer Camp: $300 (commuter or resident)

Penn State Wrestling Camp
Location: University Park, PA
Technique Camps: $525.  6/22-6/25, 6/26-6/29.  Grades 6-12.

Intensive Training Camp I: $930.  6/22-6/29.  Grades 6-12.

Penn State’s Cael Sanderson Summer Camp
Location: Carrollton, GA
Dates: 6/4-6/7
Ages: 5th-12th Grade
Georgia Training Camp: $495

Purler Wrestling
Locations: Troy, Missouri
Ages: 8-18
Takedown Machine: $499, 6/08-6/12, 7/06-7/10
Three Position Camp: $499, 6/14-6/18, 7/12-7/16
14-Day Intensive Camp: $1,350, 6/20-7/03, 7/18-7/31
28-Day Intensive Camp: $2,750, 6/8-7/5, 7/6-8/02

Woodward Academy Championship Wrestling
Locations: College Park, GA
Grades: 4-12
Fee: $350 (commuter), 6/03-6/07

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