July 14th, 2019

Club President Message - Randy Plaisance

Auburn Takedown is getting ready for another Folk-style season. Here are some important updates and reminders. 

1. We are a 501(c)3 organization run entirely by volunteers.

Our Board of Directors has been updated.
President is Randall Plaisance 
Vice President is A.J. Byerley
Secretary is Leslie Trinkle Krauss
Treasurer is Jessica Downey. 

2. We have secured our own mat and our own facility for this season. This will give us the autonomy that we need to schedule practices at better and more regular times than in past years. If will also give us year round access for wrestlers that need it. 

3. We will begin practices soon. A few details need to be worked out before entering the new facility. You will receive that info as soon as we are certain, along with a fee schedule and payment options. 

4. This year will mark a transition for us. We will be more independent, but will also be cash flowing a facility and the associated expenses, rather than paying memberships elsewhere. Our goal is to keep the fee structure as low as possible, while giving the wrestlers what they need and allowing for growth. One thing is clear: WE NEED MORE WRESTLERS THAN EVER! Please be brainstorming about friends to recruit. Remember that we will accommodate even older beginners - and don’t forget about recruiting young ladies!!

5. Our first fundraiser is coming up on August 24th. Running for Wrestlers is our first fundraiser of this kind. We need about 30 volunteers!. The info below can get you signed up to run and to volunteer. Our success in fundraising, along with our ability to recruit, will be two important factors in how our fees are structured. So please be generous - both with your donations of time and dollars. If you know of any businesses that we should approach for sponsorship please contact myself or Coach Tanaka as soon as possible. 

6. And most important: We exist to try and bring the benefits of wrestling as a sport to as many kids in this area as possible. Wrestling has not been the most accessible sport for Auburn’s kids and we want to improve on that. This year will be a great stride forward. If you want to get more involved - we need you! Please contact me directly for any questions or suggestions. 


Randall Plaisance Jr
(256) 596-1293

Aug 24th: Running for Wrestlers 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run!

Mark your calendars for our 5K race on Saturday, August 24th to raise funds for our fledgling club program with an ambitious goal of $5,000. Whether you plan to race or assist as a race volunteer, please consider attending this event!  To sign up as a runner/walker or volunteer, please click on the t-shirt at right or the link below.

Wrestling Facility Update

This is an exciting time for our club!  After extensive and numerous futile searches, we have found, and are close to acquiring, a permanent wrestling club facility. Located approximately 10-15 minutes southwest of downtown Auburn, the building address is 1701 Lee Road.  

The building is set upon a 3-acre plot of land and consists of a 60’x80’ (4800 sq ft) industrial warehouse with a 30’x30’ (900 sq ft) internal office space. A draft contract to purchase is in work and close to being finalized. Once approved by all parties, we’ll install our mat and begin practices in our new club! 

The anticipated start date may be as early as August 1st, but more realistically mid-August or September 1st. We will keep you informed once the ultimate date is set. Although we’ll initially be in fairly spartan conditions, the earnings from our fundraisers will be used to acquire additional mat space, required cleaning equipment, and supplementary consumables. 

Practice times are yet to be set but will have to be staggered for each level (youth, JH, HS) due to the limited mat space and various experience levels. Fee schedules are also stil in work and will be announced when decided. All wrestlers will be required to have, at a minimum, a regular AAU or “Limited Folkstyle" USA Wrestling membership for liability purposes, links below. (Note that current year AAU and USA Wrestling memberships expire on August 31st.)

Parent Volunteers Needed!

YOU are the key to a successful club!  We need parents to assume responsibility for all the club’s efforts. If you are interested in volunteering, please consider filling out the online parent volunteer form available at the JotForm link below or graphic at right. Specifically we need committee chairs for fundraising, equipment management, media relations, membership, and parent participation. Finally, if you have been or know of a former wrestler/wrestling coach, are a member of a company or corporation that could be potential sponsors, or have a special skill, trade, or talent that you can donate, there are fields on the form that can be used to list that information.

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