October 18th, 2018 (Updated 10/19)

October 25th: Parent Meeting
: Thursday, October 25th
: AJHS Multi-Purpose Room, Bldg 800
: 5:30 PM
This will be a very important meeting for all parents that will cover healthy habits and the importance of meticulous skin care and healthy nutrition.  Please have at least one family member present. Athletes are welcome to attend.

Open Booster Club Positions!
Vacant board positions include a first vice president and a concessions committee chairperson. If you are interested, please contact our booster president, Nancy Chastonay at nschastonay@auburnschools.org

Booster Package
Wrestling families!  As we excitedly await the start of this year’s season, here’s a great way you can support the team and receive valuable items in return!  A donation of $75 will help offset numerous expenses throughout the season and, in exchange, reward you with a family season pass for up to six members to every home meet! (excluding the two Swede Umbach tournaments).  Download the booster package form by clicking here or on the graphic at right.

Sponsor Package
A profitable source of funding for quality sports programs comes from corporate and company sponsors. The 3-page sponsor package at right can be sent or hand delivered to local busineses (or beyond if you desire!). Along with an introductory letter, the package includes a sponsor support form with a list of incentives for the three support levels, and an FAQ page with further program information. The more enterprises and associations that receive this packet, the more funds we can generate for the team!

Oct 27: 9th-12th graders mandatory hydration test

All wrestlers in the 9th-12th grade will participate in a state-mandated hydration test on Saturday, Oct 27th at Auburn High School) from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  Plan to arrive at 8:30 AM.  The cost of this test is $20 per student. If an athlete fails the hydration test, a $10 charge will be assessed for a retest.  Additional details of the “Minimum Weight Program” can be found in the attached pdf below.

   Minimum Weight Program

How to prepare for the hydration test

Thursday and Friday (2 days and 1 day prior)
- Drink at least 8-10 oz of fluid per day (preferably water).
- Drink an additional 16-24 oz of water for each pound lost during practice.
- Avoid caffeinated drinks such as iced tea, coffee or soda.
- Eat more high fiber foods to help eliminate excess waste (whole grain breads, cereals, fresh fruits, salad, vegetables).
- Eat smaller but more frequent meals.
- AVOID high fatty and/or salty foods.
- Avoid any vitamins or mineral supplements unless prescribed by your doctor.

Saturday (day of test)
- Avoid any vitamins or mineral supplements unless prescribed by your doctor.
- Drink a glass of water when you first get out of bed.
- Do NOT urinate until you get to the test site so you can provide a urine sample.
- Wrestlers should report in “weigh-in attire” only.

Pre-Season Workouts
Auburn Wrestling workouts are ongoing for 7th-12th grade wrestlers at AJHS (old gym).  Workouts run Monday through Thursday from 4-5:30 PM.
* Teenage drives park in the side parking lot.
Dates: Started August 20th
Location: AHS Old Gym
Time: 4:00-5:30 PM, Monday-Thursday
- First official JH (7-8 grade) practice will be on October 22nd at AJHS.
- First official Varsity/JV (9-12 grade) practice will be on October 29th at AHS.

Nov 12th: Tire Flip-a-Thon

The Tire Flip-a-Thon fundraiser will be held on November 12th (Veteran’s Day) at 4:00 PM on the front lawn of AJHS. The boys should find people to sponsor them per flip of the tire. If a sponsor would like to just donate a set amount that is fine too. This is always a fun event to watch. Click on the icon at right to download one to print.

Student-Athlete Eligibility Requirements
AHSAA and Auburn City Schools requires the following forms to be completed ANNUALLY and on file in the Auburn City Schools Athletic Office prior to a student-athlete participating in any tryout, practice or game/contest:

AHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluatiron Form: The front side must be completed and signed by the student and parent/guardian. Back side must be completed, dated and signed by an MD/DO.
   - Exams can be completed at the following locations:
     . Hughston Clinic: 161 E. University Drive, Auburn
     . Moore’s Mill Urgent Care: 2415 Moore’s Mill Rd, Auburn
American Family Care South College: 1902 South College St, Auburn
American Family Care Tiger Town: 2544 Enterprise Dr, Opelika

AHSAA 2018-19 Concussion Form: Parent/Guardian and student must print their respective names, sign and date.

AHSAA 2018-19 Participant Agreement, Consent and Release : Parent/Guardian and student must print their respective names, sign and date.

ACS 2018-19 Medical Consent and Insurance Verification Form: Insurance information must be completed and form dated and signed by parent/guardian.

ACS Extracurricular Substance Abuse Program Consent/Release Form: Required to be signed each school year for all student-athletes.

The following requirements are completed one time with certificates remaining in the student-athlete’s file in the Auburn City Schools Athletic Office until graduation.

Student Certified Birth Certificate: Original certified birth certificate brought to Athletic Office to be copied and the copy then placed in student-athlete’s file.

NFHS Sportsmanship Course
The NFHS Sportsmanship Course replaces Star Sportsmanship for First Time Student-Athletes. ANY STUDENT WHO CURRENTLY HOLDS A STAR CERTIFICATE WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE NEW PROGRAM. Refer to the AHSAA instructions on completing this requirement below:

All first-time student-athletes (those who have not taken the STAR Course) are required to complete the NFHS Sportsmanship Program. Any student who currently holds a certificate of completion for the STAR Sportsmanship program is “grandfathered” and will NOT be required to complete the new program.

The NFHS Sportsmanship component can be found at www.NFHSlearn.com and the course is free of charge. Students need to register if they are first time users to the NFHS Learn website.

Instructions for NFHS Sportsmanship Course
- Go to www.NFHSlearn.com and register an account if you have not done so before. Keep a record of your username and password. The AHSAA does not have access to these.
- Under courses, type in sportsmanship and the The “Sportsmanship” Elective Course should appear.
- Click on the course. Then the “View” buttom.
- Next, a blue tab should appear that says “Order Course.” (The course is free)
- A box will appear for the student/coach to identify who will be completing the course.
- Next, a shopping cart appears. Select the state of Alabama, and checkout.
- Order status appears and an agreement statement. After checking the agreement statement choose continue. Last, at the Order Receipt box, “click here”.
- Next, begin taking the course.
- A student can return and finish any time. When finished, a student can print the certificate from that screen or save and print later.

Wrestling Survey!
We are asking each family to complete a survey to help the Wrestling Booster Board with planning for the upcoming season. Please complete the survey by clicking here or on the graphic at right.

Wrestling Team Fee Payments
Please submit the $50 team fee online through the Auburn City Schools My School Bucks website.

How to Pay Online:
1. Click on My School Bucks to enter payment portal
2. Login or Register for a new account
Choose School Store
Browse All Items
Athletic Fees
Search for Wrestling
Pay $50 Team Fee

Nutrition and Hygiene
Click on the links below to view information on how to keep your wrestler eating well and safe from skin infections.

Preventing Skin Infections
All AHS and AJHS wrestlers are strongly encouraged to view this video.
National Wrestling Coaches Association - Preventing Skin Infections (30:18)


This form must be used to obtain a release for your wrestler to participate with any kind of skin infection. 
     NFHS Skin Lesion Medical Release Form

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