What is Auburn Takedown?

AuburnTakedown is more than a wrestling program. It is a way of life!

As a member of AuburnTakedown, you will learn the benefits of accountability, responsibility, dedication, hard work, and faith in what you do to accomplish what others can only dream.

You will be held to a high standard at all times and have support from coaches, parents, current and former members to make yourself better.

We look forward to having you on this journey!

Chris Spencer - Head AHS Coach (cspencer@auburnschools.org)
Bo Bailey - Assistant AHS Coach (rhbailey@auburnschools.org)
Corey Cotter - Assistant AHS Coach
Nathan Baker - Head AJHS Coach
Joe Eckhardt - Assistant AJHS Coach (
Darion Lutton - Assistant AJHS Coach

2016 Varsity Swede Team

2016-2017 Varsity Swede Umbach

2016-2017 JH Team

2016-2017 Junior High Team