Boosters 2016-2017

May 02, 2017

AHS/AJHS Wrestling Booster Meeting
Date: Monday, May 8th
Location: AJHS Auditorium
Time: 6:15 PM
It is time to wrap up the school year!  The booster club would like to call a mandatory meeting for all parents of wrestlers (not just Varsity!).  We will report on our financial standing at the end of the year, elect officers and committee members for next year and get a jump on our planning and fundraising.

Please take this opportunity to get involved.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate; we need you and new ideas!

See you then!

Kathy Friedenreich

January 11, 2017

This Thursday’s match for both Varsity and Junior High teams is at Benjamin Russell High School (225 Heard Blvd., Alexander City).  Our online schedule shows different start times for the two teams.  However, as it turns out, neither is correct!  As per Coach Spencer, the accurate starting time for both matches is 5:30!  Ben Russell is about a 40 mile drive from Auburn.

Note that for all matches throughout the season, if both teams are present and have weighed in prior to the scheduled start time, there is the possibility that they may start early, especially if the traveling team has a distance to drive to get home on a school night.  As a result, you may want to plan to be there a little early just in case as the coaches may not be able to predict when this will happen or be able to notify you at that point, and I hate for any of you to miss your sons’ matches.

This weekend, both teams will be competing.  The Junior High will be at Opelika Middle School on Saturday, and need to be at the middle school in Opelika by 7:00 am.

 ***Looking for a Junior High parent who plans to be in Opelika on Saturday who can help us keep an eye on water/nourishment – please contact me if you are willing to help***

 The Varsity team will be at Thompson High School in Alabaster (100 Warrior Drive) for the Southeastern Duals Friday and Saturday.  The team will be checked out from school early on Friday and will stay at the Hampton Inn in Calera, for those who want to go on Friday and stay near the team.  We will confirm start time on Friday for those interested in going up early.

 Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and school is out.  Varsity and Junior Varsity will compete on Monday in the Bulldog Brawl beginning at 9:00 am.  We will confirm arrival time/location for the wrestlers and let you know.


November 30, 2016

Good afternoon parents,

1) We gave out the Krispy Kreme cards to parents last night, if at the match, and to the boys if you weren’t.  If you haven’t seen them, check with your wrestler!  I do have about 3 extra cards, just in case…

2) Below are the SignUp Genius links for volunteer activities and for the Swede tournament.  Please plan to help!  I cannot stress enough how critical volunteers are to our ability to put on a successful tournament.  Several of us who are coordinating activities have older boys who will graduate over the next 1-2 years, so we need some parents of younger wrestlers to get involved!

   PB&J makers – still need sandwich makers for upcoming events!

   Varsity Swede Tournament Food Contributions

   Varsity Swede Volunteers Needed

We also need someone with a pickup truck who may be able to coordinate and meet someone from the AHS Band Booster organization over at Duck Samford either that Thursday or Friday (December 8th or 9th) before the Swede Tournament to load and bring concessions items to the new gym.  Let me know if anyone is willing to help, and I will put you in contact with the right person!

3) This week’s wrestling events:

     Thursday – Varsity and JH going to Hoover
     High School checkout at 1:15
     Jr High checkout at 1:30
     Drake checkout at 1:45
     They will text you on the way home
     If you are making PB&J’s, please make sure they are on the bus with the boys, or coordinate with Kathy Friedenreich for delivery

     Friday – Varsity going to Smith’s
     High School checkout at 3:00
     If you are making PB&J’s, please make sure they are on the bus with the boys, or coordinate with Kathy Friedenreich for delivery

     Friday – Saturday – JH going to Helena
     Jr High checkout at 1:15
     Drake checkout at 1:30
     If you are making PB&J’s or sending stuff to make them for Saturday, please have them on the bus with the boys, or coordinate with Kathy Friedenreich for delivery.

     Saturday – Varsity going to Central
     Bus leaves at 5:00 am
     If you are making PB&J’s, please have them on the bus with the boys at 5:00 am

4) I still have 1 parent that I know of who has not received their yard sign/car decal.  If there are others, please let me know this week!

5) Please continue working to get team sponsors!  We’ve missed the opportunity to get their logos on the mats for the Swede Tournaments, but are working on the other benefits.  Remember, WE NEED THEIR LOGOS for advertisements.  Link to Mat Club form.

6) Monday night, December 5th, is our next restaurant night, and it is at Chipotle on Magnolia.  Attached are the flyers.  We have to advertise in advance as we can’t disrupt customers on site that night, so please share this information with everyone you know!  Can someone see about getting it put on the school announcement sites for AHS, AJHS and Drake, and any others that might be willing?

7) Finally, we’ve tallied up the totals for Tire Flip and Krispy Kreme sales and Coach Spencer has them. If you have questions about how much you now owe for your wrestler fees, please see Coach Spencer, or you can email me.  Wrestler fees are now due – boys team gear (shirts, jackets, shorts and bags) have been ordered, but won’t be distributed to anyone who hasn’t paid.  If you send in checks, make sure to include your wrestler’s name on the check so we know who to credit.  If you send cash, send it in an envelope with your wrestler’s name on the outside.   

Anything I’ve missed?  Let me know if questions.


November 16, 2016

We had a great Black & Blue night last night!  So excited to get this season started, and meet all of the new wrestlers and families! 

There were lots of great questions last night, so I thought it would be good to send out answers to everyone…

For this weekend’s Jr. High Swede Umbach Tournament
- A flyer for the tournament is available here.  Feel free to share it or post it!
- Boys are not practicing Friday afternoon, but are setting up the new gym for the tournament during regular practice time.
- Boys need to be there Saturday morning by 8:00 (those wrestling AND those working tables)
- Breakfast food and supplies (paper goods, drinks, condiments, etc) need to be there by 6:00 am (we start feeding officials and coaches EARLY!)
- Lunch food needs to be there by 10:00 am, so we can be ready when they have time for break
- Admission for the tournament on Saturday is $10 for adults, $5 for students – remember that the Season Passes will not apply to the Swede Tournaments

Volunteers – we still need a few volunteers on Saturday.  If anyone can help with admissions from 6:00am – 10:00, or at least part of that time, we need you!  Boys don’t start wrestling until 9:00, but people will start arriving pretty steadily around 7:30 – 8:00.  We also need concessions and admissions help from 12:00 – 3:00.  We have a service group of high school kids who has volunteered to help in concessions, but an adult from the booster club must be there to take the money.  Click on the “Volunteer” icon above.
You guys ROCK!  Auburn is known for putting on a great tournament, and our hospitality room is one of the reasons!  Almost every item needed has been spoken for, so THANK YOU to all who have signed up to bring stuff. 
- Wrestling is likely to continue until mid-afternoon, and the boys will need to stay to help break everything down and get it back to the old gym.  Last year, we think we were done around 5:00, but that is just an estimate!

Krispy Kreme Orders, Tire Flip Money and Next Week’s Practices
- Next week, Varsity boys will practice Monday and Tuesday, and then travel to wrestle at Hewitt on Wednesday.  Junior High boys will practice on Monday and travel to wrestle at Thompson on Tuesday.
- We need to order the KK cards before Thanksgiving, so all Krispy Kreme orders must be in on Monday night.  We will be at the old gym at the end of practice to take up orders.
- Please  turn in your Tire Flip money Monday night as well so we can turn over totals to Coach Spencer so he can calculate how much to offset in team fees for each wrestler.
- Reminder – Krispy Kreme cards will get the buyer 10 uses, during which they will get a free dozen when they buy a dozen doughnuts.  The cards are $20, and the team gets half of that.  They make GREAT stocking stuffers…

Coach Spencer told each of the wrestlers earlier this week if they still had forms or physicals due.  If your wrestler didn’t tell you, please ask them if they still owe any forms.  Note that to compete next week, they must have these forms in!  If they still need to complete a physical, they can pick up a physical form at the high school athletics office and can go to an Urgent Care or your family doctor to have that physical completed. 

We closed out the t-shirt order last night and will be placing the order this week.  Will let you know when they all come in.

Please let me know if we still owe anyone who purchased a booster package a yard sign or decal.

Remember to be working on sponsorships!  Those are critically important to our ability to provide for our teams!  Be sure to get logos from those donors so we can advertise and thank them appropriately! 

Finally, click on the PB&J picture at right for peanut butter and jelly sandwich makers.  Kathy Friedenreich will be your contact for any questions about that process. Typically, the sandwiches need to be delivered the same time the boys arrive to compete or travel to compete.  Kathy can let you know how many sandwiches to make as we determine how many wrestlers are competing.

If I’ve missed anything or haven’t answered any of your questions, please let me know!

Looking forward to a fantastic wrestling season!


October 23, 2016

Oct 27th: Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser
Our first fundraiser is tentatively planned for Thursday, October 27 at Chick-fil-A in the mall.  We will confirm that date and let you know.

Oct 31st: Downtown Trick-Or-Treat
All wrestlers are requested to arrive near Moe’s Southwest Grill entrance behind Pieology (where you’ll see a “City of Auburn” pick-up truck & van) by 5:15. Streets will close off @ 5:30pm, with events lasting from 6-8pm, & streets re-opening immediately after.

The AHS Wrestling station will be in the same location as in the past years.  Wrestlers will help set up all tables & chairs for all stations, hand out season info (i.e., schedules, upcoming Tire Flip & other fundraising info, youth wrestling info, etc.), as they hand out candy to “little ones”, & help with breaking down all tables & chairs from each station at the end of the event.

Nov 5th: 9th-12th graders mandatory hydration test

All wrestlers in the 9th-12th grade will participate in a state-mandated hydration test on Saturday, November 5th at the Auburn High School Old Gym from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  Plan to arrive at 8:30 AM.  The cost of this test will be $20 per student. If an athlete fails the hydration test, a $10 charge will be assessed for a retest.  Additional details of the “Minimum Weight Program” can be found in the attached pdf below.

How to prepare for the hydration test
- No vigorous activity on the evening before and on the day of testing.
Avoid caffeinated beverages on the day before and the day of testing.
- On the day of testing, drink 500ml (17 oz.) of fluid. (A sports drink is an excellent choice).
- In preparation for the hydration test drink 2-4 cups of water in a 1-2 hour period immediately preceding the test.
- Be awake three hours prior to testing.
- Do not eat two hours prior to testing.
- Avoid any vitamin or mineral supplements two days before and the day of testing.
- Wrestlers should report in “weigh-in attire” only.

   2016-2017 Minimum Weight Program

Nov 11th: Tire Flip-a-Thon

The Tire Flip-a-Thon fundraiser will be held on November 11th (Veteran’s Day) at 4:00 PM in front of the high school. The boys should find people to sponsor them per flip of the tire. If a sponsor would like to just donate a set amount that is fine too. This is always a fun event to watch.  If you haven’t received a Flip-a-Thon form, click on the icon above to download one to print.

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
We are also holding a Krispy Kreme fundraiser.  This is a fundraiser that can also be used to offset the player’s wrestling fee of $200.00.  The Krispy Kreme discount card gives the card holder a $40 value, at a cost of $16 (the team nets $8 per card). Each wrestler’s sales profits will be subtracted from the team fee of $200.  Any amount remaining after the wrestler is given credit for Krispy Kreme card sales and Tire Flip-a-Thon pledges will need to be paid by the wrestler.  All Krispy Kreme card orders are due in by the Tire Flip-a-Thon on November 11th.  We will order the cards and deliver them to you to disseminate once we receive them.  We are waiting for order forms, or will create our own and get them out to you as soon as we can, along with all of the important information about the discounts!

Dec 2nd: Five Guys Restaurant Night
We have our second restaurant night this Wednesday, December 2nd at Five Guys from 5-8.  Please stop by and get your dinner and tell all of your friends and family to do the same.  (Coach Spencer says not to let your wrestler eat Five Guys though if they need to make weight Thursday;)  Five Guys is giving us 20% of the receipts from 5-8 on Wednesday!!

Dec 5th: Wrestling Night at Chipotle
Chipotle is donating 50% of the receipts to the booster club. To receive this donation, you must tell them that you are there for the fundraiser in order to receive a mark on your receipt which confirms your registration for the event. Go get some Mexican Grill and support the wrestling team on December 5th!  

Sponsorships Needed
Sponsorship forms were given out at the meeting, and are also available below or by clicking the logo at right.  Ask local businesses if they would be willing to support the team. Benefits they receive for sponsorship are included on the form based on the level of sponsorship. Remember to ask for a good quality version of the business’ logo(s) when they agree to help the team. To ensure we can get a logo on the mat for the Varsity Swede tournament, we need the logo ASAP.  We will do everything we can to make sure that happens, but might not be able to get the decal back in time. We will be able to provide the other benefits as listed.  Logos can be emailed to Coach Spencer or to me.
Auburn Mat Club Sponsorship Form

Booster Membership
A booster form is available below. Two different levels of booster packages are available as well as some ala carte items. A family season pass is included as part of our Fall Booster package.  This gives up to 6 people entry into all home middle school, junior high, and varsity matches excluding the two Swede tournaments. Write the 6 names down on the form and those names will be kept in a list at the ticket table for each home match. Thank you to everyone who purchased a booster package at the last meeting.  If you did not get a chance to become a booster at the meeting, we will be at the Tire Flip-A-Thon and at Black & Blue Night and will be able to collect forms and money. We will also plan to announce a couple of nights that we will be at a weeknight practice to collect forms/money.
Booster Membership Form

Wrestling T-Shirt Order Form
A T-shirt order form is available below.  We are offering a ladies cut T-shirt and traditional cut T-shirts. We will be placing our first order early in November, so please turn in your order form and money by November 4th. We will arrange to be at a couple of practices to pick them up. We also have some T-shirts, shorts, beanies, etc., left from prior seasons that have been discounted and are available.  We will bring them to Tire Flip for purchase!
T-Shirt Order Form

Volunteers Needed
Forms were also available detailing all of the A team fundraiser and volunteer activities form is available below. The Booster Club needs to raise around $9,000 to ensure that we are able to support the team and our athletes. We ask that each wrestler’s family commit to volunteering to help with at least 2 team events. If you are unable to help with an event, please volunteer to help make PB&J’s, which are vital nourishment for the team at all events. I am still looking for someone who would be willing to organize the PB&J Makers!

The Jr. High Swede Tournament will be November 19 (the Varsity wrestlers will work the event, Jr. High wrestlers will compete) and the Varsity Swede Tournament will be December 9-10 (Jr. High wrestlers work the event, Varsity wrestlers compete).  Additionally, the Booster Club hosts a hospitality room for 50-60 coaches, officials, medical trainers, official scorekeepers and table workers, which will feed them dinner on Friday night (Varsity Swede), and breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday.  We will be asking for volunteers to provide food items and to work ticket sales, concessions and the hospitality room. Auburn is well known for putting on a great tournament, and we also get great compliments on our hospitality room!  We need everyone to help – be on the lookup for a SignUp Genius request.  So that you can watch the action at the event in which your child is competing, please consider working at the event when your wrestler is also there to work.

Fundraising and Volunteer Activities Form


For New Members!
I was reminded after the last meeting that this is all very new to many of you, and that you may not have even known the questions to ask yet! No question is a bad question. We covered a lot of information, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can help! If you want to plug in but aren’t sure where, just let us know. Below are the names of the other Booster Club Officers. They are happy to help in any way they can as well!

Vice President – Fundraising – Dawn Stewart (Cole’s mom)
Vice President – Operations – Tiffany Scott (Nehemiah’s mom)
Secretary – Kathy Friedenreich (Robert and Charlie’s mom)
Treasurer – Kristin Marvin (Ken’s mom)

Looking forward to a great wrestling season!  Go Tigers!

President - Karla McCormick (Connor’s mom)

Skin Infection Video

October 06, 2016 

Oct 19th: Parent Meeting, 6:30PM in the AJHS auditorium

Please return to this site for more information prior to the October 19th meeting.  This will be a very important meeting.  Make plans to be there.  

AHS/AJHS Wrestling Booster Meeting
Date: Thursday, September 8th
Location: AJHS Auditorium
Time: 6:00 PM
This will be an informational meeting for all parents for the upcoming wrestling season. Athletes are welcome to attend.